Gain the Foundations of Catholic Coaching.

What if there was a course that not only made you a better coach, but a better person?

Catholic Coaching Foundations gives you the lessons, community, and essential skills to begin your journey as a Catholic coach.

Maria Spears
Maria Spears

CCF Graduate

Anyone who is involved in ministry should be involved in CCF.

Fr. Joseph Lugalambi
Fr. Joseph Lugalambi

Ph.d. Theology

Metanoia Catholic has developed a practical coach training that is aligned with the Catholic Faith and a Catholic understanding of the human person. We need more Catholics equipped with this training and knowledge supporting the needs of our Church and beyond.

Why We Got Started

When Erin and Matt Ingold reached the point of frustration and burnout in balancing life as parents, professional coaches, and trying to be involved at their parish, they knew something had to change. So they began to focus on combining their life coaching experience with their Catholic Faith — and found their lives being transformed in amazing ways. To help more Catholics experience the powerful effects of this model, while avoiding many of the New Age pitfalls in the self-development world, they launched Metanoia Catholic. Drawing on their coaching experience and training with the Theology of the Body Institute, Franciscan University of Steubenville, the Augustine Institute, and Divine Mercy University, Erin and Matt focus on helping each person find freedom by growing in grace and virtue in partnership with God.

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