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Hannah Dustman

I help single women who desperately want to be married find purpose and joy in the waiting.


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How to Stop Waiting for Your Future Husband (and Start Living!)

Many single Catholic women are tired of feeling lonely. They’re tired of waiting for their future husband to come along so that their life can begin. 

Many believe that they’re doing something wrong, that something is wrong with them, or that God has forgotten about them and it’s time to take the pursuit of their vocation into their own hands in order to make something...ANYTHING... happen.

They’ve tried online dating. They’ve tried finding eligible men at Catholic events and young adult groups. They've tried to change themselves -- becoming smarter, prettier, holier.

They’ve tried dating fasts, surrendering their desire to God, and have attempted to earn their vocation by offering spiritual sacrifices.

But, yet, the idea of waiting for the perfect man and the perfect life they could create together still occupies so much of their minds. They think that they are preparing, or are even ready, to become a wife.

But they’re so focused on their future husband that they are failing to see the opportunities for growth that are right in front of them.  

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About Hannah 

Hi friends! I’m Hannah. I am a proud KC native, moving home to Missouri after spending three years serving as a full-time missionary with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) at the University of Illinois. 

It was an honor to accompany so many young men and women during such pivotal years of their lives while on campus, but I very clearly felt God calling me to step out into the deep, leave college ministry and entrust the deepest dreams and desires of my heart to Him in a new way. But, as excited as I was about a new chapter, I began to doubt and limit God's goodness, I was afraid of being forgotten, afraid of being replaced, afraid of being overlooked and afraid of being alone… especially as many of my best friends started meeting the men of their dreams and getting married, while I sat on the sideline and watched. 

Enter Metanoia Catholic. 

I first encountered Metanoia Catholic after stumbling upon The Catholic Coaching Podcast just a few days after my tenure with FOCUS had come to an end. I was struck by how quickly, gently and effectively learning these tools allowed me to enter more deeply into my interior life and experience greater hope and freedom – despite the fact that my circumstances hadn’t changed. (Spoiler alert, I’m still single...) 

But throughout my journey, I have discovered how to live a purposeful life, full of intention, joy and adventure, even as a single gal! I’m recognizing that, while my desire for marriage is good, my relationship status is not the depth of my identity.

I have learned so much from the Metanoia Catholic coaches and community and love the many opportunities I have to interact with our members while serving in my role as Director of Client Engagement. I’m convinced that this role is the perfect marriage of my training and education as a journalism major at the University of Missouri and my time as a Catholic missionary leading small groups, offering retreats, directing mission trips and mentoring young women in the faith. 

In addition to accompanying member of the growing Metanoia Catholic community, I am a Metanoia Catholic Drill Instructor and Certified Catholic Coach and have received extensive formation and training from FOCUS, Theology of the Body Institute and Human Formation Coalition. 

It brings me so much joy to assist with the training and formation of new and aspiring Catholic coaches and contribute to the restoration of human formation in the Church!