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Megan Mohan

I help people who are afraid of commitment overcome doubt and achieve greater peace and confidence in their relationship.


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Breaking Free From Relationship Despair

There are so many Catholic married or engaged women who have waited so long for their spouse/ fiance and when they are finally in the relationship, and at some point, disappointment creeps in.

They expected something different, something more, something magical, some type of fantasy and have realized that they have been sorely mistaken. They even think that they could’ve made a mistake. They doubt their relationship. They compare their relationships with other people. They feel unsatisfied, disappointed and also ashamed of feeling unsatisfied and disappointed. 

They’ve tried:

  • Fixing their spouse/ fiance,
  • Comparing their significant other to the fantasy man that they’ve created in their head,
  • Fitting their spouse / fiance into that mold of their “fantasy”,
  • Judging him into changing him,
  • Withdrawing from him,
  • Ignoring the problem,
  • Escaping their own disappointment,
  • Telling themselves to get over it and be grateful,
  • And, maybe even making an escape plan in their mind.

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About Megan 

Hello! My name is Megan. I live in Philadelphia with my husband, Colin, 3 year old little ball of endless energy, Lucy, and our sweet baby boy, John, born in February 2023. 

I graduated with a Psychology degree from Franciscan University in 2009, and have worked in ministry ever since. I am grateful to have received professional training and attended retreats regarding the healing of the whole person (Unbound ministry, John Paul II Healing Center, healing prayer ministry); so when I discovered Metanoia Catholic, I knew this was the missing piece, not just for my ministry but for my own personal journey. 

The negative soundtrack in my mind was on loop, wreaking havoc in my life by fueling the “grass is greener” syndrome and inevitably lying to me about my Vocation and husband. I saw through the lens of “nothing is good enough” and “I’ll never be satisfied”, never challenging those thoughts until I was given the tools from Metanoia Catholic. It is completely possible to be free from the loop of lies. I can testify to it (and so can my husband!).

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